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Epic windsurfing session on Monday 13/03/2017

During last week, the weather conditions on Canary Islands were influenced by a hot sand laden Calima with temperatures rising over thirty degrees Celsius. Very strong trade winds were forecasted by the weather channels Windguru, Windfinder and Muchoviento. Storm was on his way.

On Sunday, the wind was already registered blowing at 7 Beaufort, even increasing on Monday to 9+ Bft. We were still granted by temperatures of 24 degrees Celsius and sunny weather all day long. To complete the situation, big waves hit the coast just in time on early Monday morning. Finally, everything took place for an awesome windsurfing session on the spot of El Cabezo beach, El Medano.

Alex Mussolini E-30 -  Valter Scotto  -  Jochen Stolz  -  Julien Quentel FRA-421  -  Dany Bruch G-1181

Outstanding performance of the local riders at Cabezo beach

Monday 13/03/2017 was an epic day for the windsurfers in El Medano, certainly one of the best days over the last couple of years, for windsurfing and shredding the waves at El Cabezo windsurfing spot. Thanks to the outstanding talent of our local lads, we had a unique show on the water, … so, I tried to give my best behind the camera too.

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